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Mission Photos:

Courtesy of IPIE

Mission Objectives:

Larets is designed to address scientific and applied problems in the interests of geodesy and geodynamics. The LARETS mission is a next stage in low-target-error laser satellite design optimization, started with the WESTPAC mission. SLR tracking is the single data source for orbit determination

Mission Instrumentation:

Larets has the following instrumentation onboard:

  • 60 prism corner cube retroreflectors
Mission Parameters:
Sponsor: Russia
Coordinator IPIE
Expected Life: 6 Months
Primary Applications:  
Primary SLR Applications:  
COSPAR ID: 0304206
SIC Code: 5557
Satellite Catalog (NORAD) Number: 27944
Launch Date: September 27 2003
Satellite Diameter: 24 cm
Inclination: 98.204
Eccentricity: 0.0002
Altitude 691 km
Weight: 23.28 kg

Additional information:


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