ILRS Central Bureau

The Central Bureau, CB, is responsible for the daily coordination and management of the ILRS in a manner consistent with the directives and policies established by the Governing Board. The primary functions of the CB are to facilitate communications and information transfer within the ILRS and between the ILRS and the external scientific community, coordinate ILRS activities, maintain a list of satellites approved for tracking support and their priorities, promote compliance to ILRS network standards, monitor network operations and quality assurance of data, maintain ILRS documentation and databases, produce reports as required, and organize meetings and workshops.

Although the Chairperson of the Governing Board is the official representative of the ILRS to external organizations, the CB, consonant with the directives established by the Governing Board, is responsible for the day-to-day liaison with such organizations.

The CB coordinates and publishes all documents required for the satisfactory planning and operation of the Service, including standards/specifications regarding the performance, functionality and configuration requirements of all elements of the Service including user interface functions.

The CB operates the communication center for the ILRS. It maintains a hierarchy of documents and reports, both hard copy and electronic, including network information, standards, newsletters, electronic bulletin board, directories, summaries of ILRS performance and products, and an Annual Report.

The Central Bureau may propose to the Governing Board names of individuals to be elected as members at large to help ensure the proper representation of important contributing organizations.

The responsibilities and activities of the Central Bureau may be distributed between different groups and organizations according to written agreements and charters.

In summary, the Central Bureau performs a long term coordination and communication role to ensure that ILRS participants contribute to the Service in a consistent and continuous manner and that they adhere to ILRS standards.

The Central Bureau is headed by a Central Bureau Director, who is an ex-officio member of the ILRS Governing Board. The Secretary of the GB is also provided by the Central Bureau.

Central Bureau Members

Position Name
Director Mike Pearlman
Secretary Claudia Carabajal
Science Coordinator Frank Lemoine
Analyst Specialist Erricos Pavlis, Peter Dunn, Van Husson
Operations Specialist Randy Ricklefs, Julie Horvath
NASA Network Coordinator Jeffrey Dorman
EUROLAS Network Coordinator Dr. Georg Kirchner
WPLTN Network Coordinator Toshimichi Otsubo
Web Curator Lori Tyahla

ILRS email exploder: ilrs-cb @ lists.nasa.gov